“MAKE IT NEW” (Ezra Pound – 1885–1972) This phrase, so to speak, refers to Ezra Pound’s modernist imperative in his eponymous 1934 collection of essays. This ‘slogan’ urges the writer to create from the material of the artwork that is distinctly innovative. The idea behind this ‘slogan’ is, for me, fully desirable in photography.

‘Kubrickianas’: Photographs inspired by the great Stanley Kubrick

For those who don’t know, Kubrick, the great filmmaker who has an (almost) unequaled career as a film-maker (of so many classics from the big screen that I abstain from writing about here) started his career as a photojournalist. And in this career he was already brilliant. I was given a gift by one ofContinue reading “‘Kubrickianas’: Photographs inspired by the great Stanley Kubrick”