‘MAGIC RECTANGLE’ in my hands and my head

My instagram and my website have a title and motto that have a story behind. It was fundamentally inspired by a phrase (or even much more than that), in a ‘concept’ created by the great Chilean photographer Sergio Larraín (Sergio Larraín Echeñique; born in 5 September1931 in Santiago, Chile – death in 7 February 2012…

Fight for street photography

“Fight for street photography” Or “How a Brazilian hick photographer saw and felt New York city in 2017”.

What does happiness mean to a photographer?

Most of my life I worked as a professor at the university. I was successful in this activity and I have always been very happy and fulfilled. But now that I’ve been practicing full-time photography in my new life cycle, what does happiness mean to me?

Photography is a state of the soul

A central thought about my photography: try not to portray things, objects, life in general, as they are in real life, but rather as I feel them.

In praise of becoming a better person

The more I read about this subject, the more I feel convinced that the photographs I make are primarily meant to make me happier and a better person, not a better photographer.