interview broadcast about photography and exhibition

It’s this Saturday: my interview on Rádio Universitária 102.1 FM – São Carlos, SP-Brasil at 17:00 (Brasilia time) and on Facebook/ProgramaAlternativaA when I will talk about photography/about my photography and my new exhibition-installation installed at the USP Cultural Center de São Carlos, SP-Brazil until October 17, 2022 which is entitled “NEW TOPOGRAPHICS: VERNACULAR IMAGES FROM THE INTERIOR OF THE STATE OF SÃO PAULO”.

———-erratum: the correct date is October 1st/2022.

Inspiration and a tribute: To the landscapes of Bill Brandt.

My little library of photography books is (much) richer since yesterday: the book Bill Brandt: Shadow & Light has arrived, published in conjunction with the exhibition “Bill Brandt: Shadow & Light” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (March 06-August 12, 2013) and organized by Sarah Hermanson Meister, curator of the Department of Photography at this institution.

This book shows how important is this great photographer born in Germany and who lived much of his life in England who worked with equal mastery in the genres of documentary photography, portraits, nudes and breathtaking landscape photography.

My homage and tribute to this phenomenal photographer, one of the greatest of the 20th century, is made with this polyptych below where I show 4 landscapes from Serra da Canastra, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Photo book: ENTRE OLHARES. Imagem e palavra

It just came out: a book of photographs by the FRAGMA group, multi-authors, including me, with just one photo, but just as happy for the feat, curated by Jorge Fernando Vieira (Maceió, AL-Brasil).

Congratulations to Jorginho for the hard work and to all the authors (we are 23)!

And…, long live photography! Ever! It exists because life is not enough.

This is my photo of the book (sse below) and that had been awarded one day earlier this year by the curatorship of Grupo Fragma and hence its selection for the book. The title of the photo is ‘solitude’….hope you like it….

[installation photos of my photo exhibition]

Dear Friends:

Here are some photos of the installation of my exhibition that opened on 09/15/2022 at the USP Cultural Center in São Carlos, SP-Brasil where it will remain until 10/17/2022.

There are 17 photographs and photomontages of a project that, basically, started with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in a work in more than 60 municipalities in the interior of the state of São Paulo: small cities and their multiple rural areas (and, soooo many side roads!). I walked, I believe, about 3-4 thousand km, in a radius of about 200-250 km around São Carlos, SP, where I live.

The images were printed by the sublimation process on fabric, 100g/m2 microfiber, in large size, 1.0×1.5m. The installation turned out to be very beautiful, allowing, when walking through the 4 rows of images, a very interesting/impacting immersive experience (as some visitors reported).

They are vernacular images of architectural structures that go unnoticed by many of us and are even considered ‘unimportant/uninteresting’ by some people, but which for me tell many stories of these buildings, places, people and my own person who was born and lived in the interior of the state of São Paulo, although I had the opportunity to travel a lot around the country and the world.

I would be very happy with your visit.