[Affection was washed clothes, food on the table and unity against the storms. Resisting as a family was the greatest proof of goodwill]
(excerpt from the book ‘Salvar o fogo’ by Itamar Vieira Jr. Ed. Todavia. São Paulo, Brasil. 2023) (magnificent book!!!)
(photo: rural worker, Descalvado SP 2018 from the book ‘Rurais’ Antonio Mozeto. Ed. Origin. São Paulo, Brasil. 2021)




I invite friends and interested parties in general to the opening session of my ninth photography exhibition called RURAIS, which is installed in the lobby of the Rectory of UFSCar (Rod. Washington Luis s/n, São Carlos-SP, Brazil) which will be held, at the same location, tomorrow, April 11, 2023, at 2:00 pm.

It will be a great pleasure to welcome you!

photo: rural worker on sugar cane plantations in the municipality of Descalvado (SP-Brazil)

[what is photography?]

“Photography is a kind of alembic in which, in its successive transformation chambers (the eye, the camera, the darkroom(*)), the substance is extracted from the flow of images that crosses us every second and gives them meaning and presence. It is an essence of the look, slowly distilled” (Didier Brousse at https://loeildelaphotographie.com/fr/camera-obscura-bernard-descamps-essentiel/)

(*) and the lightroom