The faces of men and women of the field

This is a subproject derived from my ongoing project called “RURALS”.

I want with this subproject to show the faces of rural workers, men and women, that I have been photographing for about 4 years. In some ways this subproject is like a record for the posterity of what rural workers were like in my adult years.

Unfortunately this is a record of the present times that does not include my time as a child and adolescence. But I will continue on this road in this project until the day my fingers can no longer press the shutter button on my cameras.

What is going further in photography?

This is a question that is always in my head, in my mind.
If I have to answer this question quickly, I would say: “To go beyond photography is to be (to try to be)” a Josef Koudelka “in my life here on earth.”
Just to say something about this great photographer’s magnificent photography: I am struck by his ability to make use of empty spaces in his frames. But there is so much more to say about Koudelka’s photography, and I may not be the best person to say. I leave this to other great masters!