Rural Workers

I have an umbilical link with rural workers. I am the son of father and mother who were hard rural workers, owners of small piece of land in the interior of the State of São Paulo (Borborema municipality), Southeast Brasil.

I myself, throughout my childhood and adolescence, and even completing university, when on a vacation, worked on the land: planting, harvesting, weeding, helping with cattle management, etc.

I am proud of my past. This project is, for the reasons just described, a tribute to my parents, Mr. Antonio Mozetto (descendent of Italians) and Mrs. Eliza Llobregat (descendent of Spaniards), who lived and enjoyed the benefits of the land throughout their lives.

I also dedicate this project to the tireless rural workers, men and women, of this immense country called Brasil. They are people who, from the sunrise until the sun sets, dedicate themselves tirelessly to the hard work in the production of food that we all have at our table.

I, therefore, hope that this work will contribute in the future to a greater awareness of the importance of rural workers in Brasil.