The good old days of film photography

This diptych was made with photos from 1988 taken on the highway reaching Cuiabá, the good old Brazilian Midwest.I miss those well-lived times, but not necessarily of film photography… The featured image is from the same trip to the Brazilian Midwest of the Cuiabá River.

Release of my first photobook called “RURAIS” (rural workers from Brazil)

RURAIS is a book of black and white photographs of rural workers in Brazil published by Editora Origin which was curated by Juan Esteves and an exceptional graphic design by Roberto Weigand. The book features 98 photographs (148 pages – 25cm high x 23cm wide) of various rural workers from four Brazilian states in theirContinue reading “Release of my first photobook called “RURAIS” (rural workers from Brazil)”

Release of the photobook “RURAIS” and photo exhibition: An invitation

I invite my dear friends to the (in person) release of my book of photographs “RURAIS” (rural workers) which will take place on October 23, 2021 at the Casa de Cultura Odisséia, Al. Ministro Rocha Azevedo, 463 São Paulo (SP-Brazil) from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Photographs of the author will be exhibited from 10/23Continue reading “Release of the photobook “RURAIS” and photo exhibition: An invitation”

>>[children from the Amazon]<<

I consider myself privileged in life and for several reasons, one of them being that as a professor and researcher in the environmental area at the university, I had almost countless chances to travel and discover the Brazilian Amazon region for several decades. The photos I share today are from a series I called “ChildrenContinue reading “>>[children from the Amazon]<<“

Giacomelli once again: ‘paesaggio-agricolo’ and ‘la buona terra’

Mario Giacomelli, born in Senigallia, Italy on 08/01/1925 and died in Senigallia on 11/25/2000, was a great Italian and world photographer, but he was also a typographer and painter.

[new topographics of são paulo state, brasil]

I understand that these photos show the tremendous strength that the sugar and alcohol (ethanol) industry has in Brazil, especially in the interior of the state of São Paulo. But – it seems to me that there is always a but or more than one – it is a type of industrial activity that, althoughContinue reading “[new topographics of são paulo state, brasil]”

>>>country home>>>

[I want my country home with sheep, goats, horses and cows solemnly grazing in my yard; let it be neither small nor big, just the ideal size; that it contains a small lake ahead so I can see the reflection of the sun setting while sipping a good cachaça from an alembic; that contains myContinue reading “>>>country home>>>”