Me and photography


This is my site that I want it to have my face … my way … my lifestyle as a photographer.

I’ve been a photographer since I was young. At age 15-16 I bought a small used analog camera. An Olympus Trip. After that, I had two other analogues, one Pentax K1000 and one Minolta STR100X. Years later I switched to digital. I had several small point and shoot. And more recently I bought two more modern ones, a Nikon D500 and some lenses and a Fujifilm X100T. I’m very happy with these two cameras.

Se (3) fev19
Interior of Sé Cathedral – São Paulo, Brazil
Se (4) fev19
Interior of Sé Cathedral – São Paulo, Brazil
Liberdade (4) fev19
Liberdade suburb street. São Paulo, Brazil.


I photographed over 50 years of everything, always as an amateur. I photographed a lot of nature. Landscapes, flora and fauna.

I was a professor and researcher at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) for about 45 years in the area of ​​Environmental Chemistry. As my retirement rapidly approached, I decided to practice again and to study photography with greater strength and focus. My biggest interest in photography in these past 6-8 years is in street photography. And, in this genre, I have a greater interest in portraits, everyday street scenes and architecture.

I see photography as a great form of artistic expression. I am more interested in the poetic side of photography than in the photojournalistic side.

Adapting a phrase from the great Brazilian poet Ferreira Gullar who said that “art exists because life is not enough“, I would say that for me “photography exists because life is not enough“.