[new topographics of são paulo state, brasil]

I understand that these photos show the tremendous strength that the sugar and alcohol (ethanol) industry has in Brazil, especially in the interior of the state of São Paulo. But – it seems to me that there is always a but or more than one – it is a type of industrial activity that, althoughContinue reading “[new topographics of são paulo state, brasil]”

is the sky the limit?

is the sky the limit? another exercise: forming the ‘equivalent’… exercise your visual perception aiming to form the ‘equivalent’ and press the camera shutter button… according to Karr and Wood (The practice of Contemplative Photography. 2011. Shambhala): one connects with flash of perceptions; one works on visual discernment and finally the equivalent of what weContinue reading “is the sky the limit?”

Just a touch on Mario Giacomelli’s work.

Originally posted on Antonio Mozeto Photography Portfolio & Blog:
The work of this Italian photographer (born August 1st 1925; death November 25th 2000 in Senigallia-Italy) – proclaimed by many as “the master of monochrome” – is “to shiver”, to say the least. His heirs have, after his death, taken control of his immense photographic collection…

What touches me most in the photos of a young man of just 17 years old named Stanley Kubrick.

I write this post not based on deep knowledge about Kubrick’s work because I am far from having it, but much more guided by my admiration for the work of this great artist and the emotion that his photos make me feel.

Feelings about film photography: “use the treasures you have kept”

After almost 40 years I am back to ‘analogue’. I return to analog photography, film photography that is associated with my digital photography. This phrase “use the treasures you have kept” is from a great friend of mine –  Ricardo ‘Lilika‘ Lima – and it expresses a deep feeling about the film photography that heContinue reading “Feelings about film photography: “use the treasures you have kept””