The good old days of film photography

This diptych was made with photos from 1988 taken on the highway reaching Cuiabá, the good old Brazilian Midwest.I miss those well-lived times, but not necessarily of film photography… The featured image is from the same trip to the Brazilian Midwest of the Cuiabá River.

Release of my first photobook called “RURAIS” (rural workers from Brazil)

RURAIS is a book of black and white photographs of rural workers in Brazil published by Editora Origin which was curated by Juan Esteves and an exceptional graphic design by Roberto Weigand. The book features 98 photographs (148 pages – 25cm high x 23cm wide) of various rural workers from four Brazilian states in theirContinue reading “Release of my first photobook called “RURAIS” (rural workers from Brazil)”

In honor of the polyptychs

I like this typology idea in photography. Look at my image files and try to assemble a selection of those that compose or approximate a particular typology. I feel this exercise expands my horizons in photography. But it is an exercise that requires a good deal of creativity. It contributes to my creativity development.

On-The-Road Photography

When I think about it, I am much more an “on-the-road” photographer than anything else I or any other name you all can give … and, I am satisfied, sincerely, with this title that I gave myself without any pomp or festivities of solemn acts that exist in life. I’m happy to try to beContinue reading “On-The-Road Photography”

Me and Mr. Eggleston (and our tricycles)

I can swear and, I believe, you are capable of not believing that in 2018 in Paranapiacaba (SP-Brazil) I took this photograph of the top of the diptych I was already aware of this iconic photo by William Eggleston (which is mentioned in the literature as “Untitled, Tricycle and Memphis, 1970”), but I did notContinue reading “Me and Mr. Eggleston (and our tricycles)”

[for the sake of mundane geometry]

The streets of our cities are an inexhaustible source of possibilities for photography. They are capable of changing the mood of photographers for the better. I come from this magic potion almost every time, carefree, I wander the streets where I prefer neighborhoods on the outskirts of cities. They don’t have the glamor of thinContinue reading “[for the sake of mundane geometry]”