[my transcendentalist ‘self’]

[my transcendentalist individuality is a mere fragment of the universal “self”…my personality is a fragment of the personality of Gods and Goddesses and the Universe]
[…I am at the same time the wings of a seagull that flies at the mercy of the strong wind that blows over a beautiful beach on a sunny afternoon when the storm approaches]
[…and I am the leaves of grass that spread in a green pasture on a day of clear sky and inclement sun after a night of torrential and warm summer rains]
[…and I am also the boys and girls who walk happily every morning on their smooth paths to school carrying their bags with their notebooks and their book and pencil and eraser, eager to learn more and more]
[…and I am the weary men stumbling back home after a hard day’s work to eat dinner, kiss their wife and sons and daughters and be glad to be alive and healthy and strong]
[no intention to deny what I was yesterday, what I am today, what I will be tomorrow]
[…who is to contest?]


“MAKE IT NEW” (Ezra Pound – 1885–1972)

This phrase, so to speak, refers to Ezra Pound’s modernist imperative in his eponymous 1934 collection of essays.

This ‘slogan’ urges the writer to create from the material of the artwork that is distinctly innovative.

The idea behind this ‘slogan’ is, for me, fully desirable in photography.

[place and memory in photography: the beauty of time; the passage of time]

The great US photographer William Christenberry (1936-2016) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Christenberry) once said (https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2010/oct/03/myth) -manners-and-memory-review): “I don’t want my work to be thought of in terms of nostalgia. It’s a matter of place and sense of place. I’m not looking back with nostalgia for the past, but for the beauty of time and the passage of time.”

I echo the words of William Christenberry. These are the same reasons that motivate me to take photographs of buildings – many of them old and/or abandoned –, objects and landscapes from the interior of the state of São Paulo and other parts of the interior of Brazil.

Release of my first photobook called “RURAIS” (rural workers from Brazil)

RURAIS is a book of black and white photographs of rural workers in Brazil published by Editora Origin which was curated by Juan Esteves and an exceptional graphic design by Roberto Weigand.

The book features 98 photographs (148 pages – 25cm high x 23cm wide) of various rural workers from four Brazilian states in their work environments and was beautifully printed in full black + yellow Pantone off set system on Masterblank 270g/m2 paper (front of laminated cover) and the inside in Munken Lyns Rough 120g/m2 paper with a print run of 500 by Gráfica e Editora Ipsis in September 2021.

Several of the photographs are accompanied by original chronicles written by me as a narrative about rural life in Brazil that also reflect my experience in the various photo sessions with rural workers portrayed in the book throughout the interior of the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as my childhood and adolescence memories lived in a rural area in the state of São Paulo.

The book will be released at the Casa de Cultura Odisseia (Al. Ministro Rocha Azevedo, 463 SÃO PAULO, SP) on 10/23/2021 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, when some photographs of my project will also be exhibited till 11/17/2021. Book and photos will be for sale locally, as well as being purchased directly from me.

A release live will be held on the website of the Festival Hercule Florence coordinated by Ricardo Lima and with mine and the participation of Juan Esteves (book curator) on 10/21/2021 at 19:00 to be published in social media in the near future (facebook and instagram). ON THIS OCCASION WE WILL SELECT COPIES OF THE BOOK AMONG THE PARTICIPANTS.