[for the sake of mundane geometry]

The streets of our cities are an inexhaustible source of possibilities for photography. They are capable of changing the mood of photographers for the better. I come from this magic potion almost every time, carefree, I wander the streets where I prefer neighborhoods on the outskirts of cities. They don’t have the glamor of thinContinue reading “[for the sake of mundane geometry]”

The strenght of geometry and colors in photography

Detail of mosaic by Bassano Vaccarini at Mercadão de Ribeirão Preto, SP-Brazil. Bassano Vaccarini (Milan, Italy 1917-Altinópolis, SP 2002) was an Italian naturalized Brazilian writer, painter, teacher, set designer, costume designer and filmmaker.


This is the second series of my photographs that I present in tribute to this great Japanese and world photographer named Daido Moriyama, whom I greatly admire. These photos are from several dates made in the city of São Paulo-SP, Brazil. I do not deny the strong influence I have of the work of MoriyamaContinue reading “DAIDO MORIYAMA INFLUENCES. Series II.”

The Many Possible Looks of Architecture

Architecture has always been and will be a great subject for photography. It is one of the oldest types or genres of photography. It has always inspired and will inspire many photographers in the future for many, many years.