Finding (small) needles in the haystack

There are many things, ie details, characteristics, visions, etc., of the photography that each one of us practices, something that always comes and goes on our photography, and within this sea of information that today it is possible to obtain on almost everything, INCLUDING PHOTOGRAPHY, of course, you sometimes find ‘some needles in that haystack’, like this one from Eric Kim’s blog:

“We need forgetfulness and naive optimism to continually produce new photos – the source of new creative willpower!” Continue reading “Finding (small) needles in the haystack”

‘MAGIC RECTANGLE’ in my hands and my head

My instagram and my website have a title and motto that have a story behind. It was fundamentally inspired by a phrase (or even much more than that), in a ‘concept’ created by the great Chilean photographer Sergio Larraín (Sergio Larraín Echeñique; born in 5 September1931 in Santiago, Chile – death in 7 February 2012 in Ovalle, Chile). I explain. Continue reading “‘MAGIC RECTANGLE’ in my hands and my head”

What does happiness mean to a photographer?

Most of my life I worked as a professor at the university. I was successful in this activity and I have always been very happy and fulfilled. But now that I’ve been practicing full-time photography in my new life cycle, what does happiness mean to me? Continue reading “What does happiness mean to a photographer?”