Not to forget the black and white portraits

In the photograph of street portraits, I have in me a force that I have no doubt that comes from the people I photograph.


Be this portrait of whoever. Be it done in the rush of the streets or, sometimes, in the calm that the streets also offer me.

Whether these photos are made candidly or with permission of the person portrayed I always win. Not because I did a beautiful portrait, even though this is rare. Difficult. But, I always gain by the energy, the strength that the people portrayed pass me.

This strenght, this energy empowers me and makes me follow my path in photography.

A path that I do not know exactly where it will take me, where I will arrive, but that the walk in this way makes me very happy. Of this I am absolutely certain.

16 Beard John SJ de Rei 20186 Man from TOGO Manhatan NYC 11_19May17 (1 de 1)8 Minoru Massuda Sampa 19Out18

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