Finding (small) needles in the haystack

There are many things, ie details, characteristics, visions, etc., of the photography that each one of us practices, something that always comes and goes on our photography, and within this sea of information that today it is possible to obtain on almost everything, INCLUDING PHOTOGRAPHY, of course, you sometimes find ‘some needles in that haystack’, like this one from Eric Kim’s blog:

“We need forgetfulness and naive optimism to continually produce new photos – the source of new creative willpower!”

Kim was talking about our quest for street photography for perfect photos and says, “No perfect street photos“. And he says that he does not care about it anymore and that his focus is on “creative productivity” because when perfection is attained there is nothing more to aspire to.


So much I think it is worth (very worthwhile) the reflection on this topic that I share the post quoted. Hope our colleagues find it interestingtoo.


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