Fight for street photography

“Fight for street photography”
“How a Brazilian hick photographer saw and felt New York city in 2017”.

“Walking through the city is like walking through labyrinth,
and this is what stimulates me about it “- Daido Moriyama

NYC Grafitti 2017-1

New York is a magnanimous, pulsating city. The four corners of the city that one leaves, is a gift for the photographer. For a street photographer, especially. Whatever your interest in street photography.

On the subway, one glimpses another world, but only apparently, in my opinion. This is because the actors are virtually the same, only confined in the numerous subway stations or passengers on the different trains of the very numerous long lines that cut the city from north to south and from east to west. As on the surface, in the streets and avenues, you run, because you are always very hurried here too.

It’s the largest open-air laboratory or studio a street photographer can have. Its streets and avenues always very busy, with people of different races, creeds, social levels, wearing clothes of the most varied fashion trends or totally out of any fashion or style, or with totally and strangely personal style, always running to or for some place to work or to walk, or even, perhaps, just wandering, like me!!!


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