If you are a photographer and like colors, why not color photography ?

Each day I am more convinced that we should not label our photography …. assign it to one or more genre. This is because photography is photography, nothing more than this.What if you like the various “genres” out there that are attributed to photography, why not photograph within these various “genres”? What keeps us from doing this?

These are tough questions I know, but I have a feeling about this:
It is that most of the time we do not photograph for ourselves, for our own satifaction in the first place. We are almost always in this stupid quest to satisfy others with our photography. We try hard to attribute “genres” to the photograph we make – and that we love so much – much more to satisfy others than to satisfy ourselves.

If you have read this post to this point, a word about this small sequence of photos: these are roofs, mountains and the skies of a small city in the interior of the state of “Minas Gerais”, Southeast of Brazil, called “Carmo do Rio Claro”.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and the story behind them.



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