What does happiness mean to a photographer?

Most of my life I worked as a professor at the university. I was successful in this activity and I have always been very happy and fulfilled. But now that I’ve been practicing full-time photography in my new life cycle, what does happiness mean to me?

Today, happiness for me is when I make my photographic wanderings, whether on city streets or in nature.

Portrait collage of me
Photo credit: Marcos Zaniboni. My portrait.

Today’s happiness is also sharing beautiful moments with the family, with friends and being active in creating my work of art in photography.

Making photographs, selecting and post-processing photos, and perhaps most importantly, studying photography and writing my blogs about photography.

I feel that the determination to photograph should be a desire or an almost daily need.

And why this? I feel that it is because it is photographing that I learn to photograph, that I can make small progresses daily, that I learn through my mistakes in photography and in life, that I improve myself in my work of art.

Briefly speaking, my intention in photography is to make progress in my artistic work seeking the goal of satisfying myself as a visual artist and human being, which in turn brings me the possibility of becoming a better and happier person.

In conclusion: We are definitely our photos!!!

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