—- o Porto de Santos e a chuva—-

——- the Port of Santos and the rain——–

“Great point and counterpoint. Memory and predatory development. In cinematographicall terms there is an Italian neorealism touch given by the bike that appears to have been parked there for a character of one of Vittorio de Sica’s movies”. Photograph reading by Pedro S. Fadini-São Carlos-SP, Brazil. Send to the photographer via WhatsApp on October 14, 2016.

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“The window of my studio” by Josef Sudek (1986-1976) (text written on July 24/2017) (texto em português ao final)

Maybe I shouldn’t start this post by inviting you to read it in full…..But, you will see that the subject treated in it is extremely topical given that it has everything to do with this condition of social distance (I would even dare to say, of social seclusion) that the world lives in these times of COVID-19.  TEXTO EM PORTUGUÊS AO FINAL. Read More