[dissolutions]…first autumn rain

New project called ‘dissolvências” in portuguese. I don´t find the exact word for the title in English. The first translation that came to my mind is ‘dissolutions’ but it is no quite correct to the meaning I want to give to this project.

Any help from you friends?

3 thoughts on “[dissolutions]…first autumn rain

  1. I love these quarterly reports from the southern side of the equator while I’m waking up on the northern side! Feeling the earth tilt and travel through space. But I also suspect that the tides rise and fall the same both north and south, but follow the moon as it rolls around the earth and are high in the high longitudes while low in the low longitudes? I’m ready for Spring each March for my birthday, and the quarters move forward through the seasons as I age. If I moved around the globe, would I still know how old I am, or would I lose or gain 6 months? Onward!


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