Looking at the reflections, the distortions of light that freely penetrates the myriad of convex lenses of rainwater drops on the windshield of my car, I see a reality that transforms into a dreamlike and poetic world.

The distortion of reality and the explosion and the scattering of light and colors spread and materialize and, the streets and some of its passers-by, the buildings, the venacular constructions, the urban landscape as a whole merge, creating, without pity or mercy, the mystery of the life of this city and these people.

My intention in creating these images and the result they induce is pictorial, of construction of a narrative, but it is at the same time emotional, in the hope that these same feelings will sprout in the minds of those who appreciate them.

2 thoughts on “{dissolvings}

    1. Thank you again, Geoff!!! The rains are becoming more rare at this time of the year where I live in the interior of the state of São Paulo…this is the problem I’m going to have to face…but fortunately it rains from time to time differently than it does in Lima. ..right?


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