Giacomelli once again: ‘paesaggio-agricolo’ and ‘la buona terra’

Mario Giacomelli, born in Senigallia, Italy on 08/01/1925 and died in Senigallia on 11/25/2000, was a great Italian and world photographer, but he was also a typographer and painter.

I already had the opportunity on my website to write, in 2018, a little about Giacomelli(*), about what impresses and captivates me the most: two of his projects: the first is the ‘still life’ motifs, motifs suggested by human figures (‘silhouettes’, ‘sketches’, I would say) that he discovered ‘exist in tree trunks’ (1967/1968) and the second, of extreme expression, his ‘epic landscapes’ (rural) which are really beautiful and inspiring, even surreal (1977-2000) such as this landscape shown below called ‘paesaggio-agricolo’ or agricultural landscape: (*)

Mario Giacomelli – Paesaggio-agricolo.

Today I would like to comment on another series of photographs by Giacomelli that is closely linked to his roots: the earth (‘La Buona Terra’-1964-1966). He was born into a family of humble peasants and has always been faithful to his origin: an aspect that he will forever keep in his soul as a mark of belonging to the environment where he was born and which reverberated in his photography and in his way of looking at the world, the nature and man.

This diptych that I put together with two of his photos from the series of great photographic expression, ‘La buona terra’, faithfully expresses these feelings. Those by Giacomelli that are also mine as we both have the same origin.

Mario Giacomelli – La Buona Terra (1964-1966): a diptich

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