“Still Life”: fun silhouettes of human and animal figures

In my entire life, nature photography (animals, trees, leaves, flowers, landscapes, etc.) has always been present. But, today I want to show something more unusual about nature.

Perhaps the main reason for this is to have been born in a rural area and to have devoted my professional life until I retired in 2017 as a university professor and researcher in the field of environmental chemistry where I developed many projects in several biomes in Brazil and in some other countries.

And, within my photography there was always room to meticulously search for unusual photographs in nature. Tree trunks and branches have patterns of structures, shapes and colors in their barks, which when you look more closely, you can see human silhouettes and other animals. Some of them are quite fun to watch and photograph.

It is about this topic that I deal with in this blog.
I hope you have fun and enjoy it !!!
Leave your comment, praise or criticism !!!

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