Black & White Landscapes: Magic and Beauty of Nature

Black and white photography is a photographic aesthetic that I use as a personal choice, not for aesthetics per se, but simply because I love it. Simply because shooting in monochrome allows me to get images that mirror my view of the world, the things I think, the things I like, what my life experience has taught me. This choice allows me to represent in my photographs my reality of the world and the things in it.

The black and white aesthetics in my photography meets my yearnings and dreams in photography as a whole, including landscape photography such as this sequence of photos in this category I now present. 

It allows me to reach an immense amount of rich details that these beautiful landscapes have, that nature gives us. Let me show you all the magic and beauty that nature contains.

Photographer Alan Ross, a full-time assistant to Ansel Adams for five years once said: “It’s very liberating to create one’s own version of reality instead of being held to the reality of what is actually in front of the lens.”

“We don’t make a photo with just a camera;
to the act of photographing we bring all the books we read,
the movies we saw, the music we listened to,
the people we love. “(Ansel Adams).

4 thoughts on “Black & White Landscapes: Magic and Beauty of Nature

  1. Antonio – spectacular photography! I am so impressed. Thanks for liking some of my work recently. Seeing your landscape photographs is inspiring me to go out and really focus on doing more “noir” in the beautiful landscape I live in – but I doubt I could match what you have been doing. I couldn’t find anything in your “Contact” category to get in touch directly, but I’d like to. If you contact me through my site and leave an email I will get in touch.

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    1. Thank you very much, Annette!….I also saw your BnW’s and liked them too. I appreciate a lot the concept of noir in my photography. Whwn you have time check on my site a posto called “Paranapiacaba Noir” (Paranapiacaba ´s the name a small town in São Paulo stae (SE Brazil)…my email:


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