Nature vs Man Made Architecture

When I am in the countryside it always comes to my mind that nature has its own architecture and how it is different from “man made architecture”. This short series tries to illustrate this. This is only an unfinished thought I have in my head.

The architecture made by men may be finite, while that of nature is infinite, enormous, has a grandeur, hugeness, immenseness, vastness, awesomeness, etc. etc. But that of men is often no different. It can be equally great.

Photos of “architecture practiced by men” are the Taua Grande Hotel (a great example of neo classicist architecture) and some old buildings of Araxá, Minas Gerais-Brazil, and the landscapes from a local called “Lost Horizon,” some few kilometers from the city.

Hope you like it.

2 thoughts on “Nature vs Man Made Architecture

  1. When I look at all this fantastic b/w images I feel like I wouldn’t mind to learn more. I have always preferred colors but why not give it a try. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my site.


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