Profound Brasil

“The real is not in the exit, nor in the arrival, it is available to us is in the middle of the crossing” (Guimarães Rosa, in Grande Sertão: Veredas)

“Profound Brasil” – In it, what you find yourself, are very simple people, but very rich in the soul. Rich for giving themselves to the maximum and in an extremely spontaneous and true way. They are also devoted to the intense dialogues and open smiles. They are sincere and authentic. Perhaps all this richness signifies the main virtues of these people who are estranged, isolated, body and soul (and by personal choice), from the great cities and their customs and ( many) mass addictions. The value of these people is not only perceived in these characteristics, but also expressed by the value given to time, that is, to the meaning and use of time.

The days have the same 24 hour duration as they always had anywhere. However, in these places, I feel them longer, more depressed. These people usually have an intense, warm, grateful, uncompromising, meek talk and look that is permeated by intervals of silence that carry many meanings.

In this “Profound and Intense Brazil” that I feel, one can also find landscapes and scenes of daily life, in rural areas or small urban areas that, for the most part, look to me like these people. These are peaceful landscapes and scenes that seem to invite me to reflect on my mission here on Earth and to immerse myself in them through the lens of my cameras in a great attempt to reveal its secrets.

In the “Profound Brasil” I see, the one I feel in my photography, the encounters and dialogues, the sensations, the images, the visions of the world can escape through the fingers of less warned or unnoticed passers-by, but they overflow, spill over into my eyes.

“The real is not in the exit, nor in the arrival, it is available to us is in the middle of the crossing” (Guimarães Rosa, in Grande Sertão: Veredas)

Published by Antonio Mozeto

I'm an amateur photographer based in the city of São Carlos, São Paulo state, SE Brazil. I used to make photographs since I was about 15-17 years old. My first camera was a Olympus Trip, an analogue camera. Many years after that I switched to several digital cameras. Presently I own a Nikon D500 with a small set of lenses and a Fujifilm X100T 23mm. A few years after my retirement as an university professor, after teaching Environmental Chemistry at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) for 45 years, I decided to invest money and time dedicating myself more seriously to photography. I´ve taken on-line courses as well as I´ve participated to various photography festival across Brazil. By far, my biggest interest is street photography. And in it, I'm interested in portraits, everyday street scenes and architecture.

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