What impresses me the most about Matt Black’s photography.

In general terms, each one of us writes things about topics that we like, which we value. As a photographer, I write not only about my photography, but about other artists-photographers that I admire, who have works that most impact me, and this is the case of this post: I want to write to say about what impacts me the most, what brings me the most excitement in his work, which I would call, photojournalist-photographer-artist-social scientist North American, named Matt Black.

His work is very vast. Everything I’ve seen and read has taken on the network, his site and other publications that other sites of the network make available. I’ve never met him in person, nor do I have his publications. But, my research on the work of this Magnum Agency photographer has been done for 2 years only. But, this has been long enough to admire this person and his work.

Leaving aside the very strong socio-environmental context which, without any doubt, is the motto of Matt Black’s work – and, I say this not because I think that this very important aspect or more, this main motive of the various projects of this author, is not important, quite the contrary – I finish this post listing the great lessons that the photography and the projects of this author have taught me until then:

Lesson 1, and the greatest of them: I am delighted with his technique that a large number of his photographs have such a prominent foreground, so revealing, in relation to the background. This technique or characteristic as well thought as it is gives the tone of the photograph, its reason to exist, adds to it mystery, emotion, and soul.

The photographs I publish in this post – all rights reserved to Matt Black of several of his projects – have been selected to demonstrate the above discussed feature that has always caught my eye. I can not say that there are no other photographers who have this ability, but I do not remember having seen it in photographs of other authors as I see so clearly in Matt Black’s work.

Lesson number 2: Needless to say Matt Black’s photography directly reaches the heart of the stories or narratives that tell. And, why do I say that it is unnecessary to say this? Because the photos of this author are so intimately tied to the stories he is telling you that almost no photos titles or explanatory texts are needed. In my opinion this is the great strength – and beauty – of Matt Black’s projects.

From this, it is necessary to recognize that my random selection of photos of several projects of this author decontextualizes them of the histories or narratives that in their respective projects are beautifully told. I gave myself the right to do this in order to highlight, in my modest opinion, the fabulous features described above in the photograph that this author so brilliantly achieves.

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