I photograph for pure fun

This is serious what I am going to say now: my photography almost always begins as a form of joke. It seems contradictory, but then it may seem serious, but it’s still a form of fun.

Capitólio (State of Minas Gerais, SE Brazil) is a small (about 10 thousand inhabitants) and bucolic and touristy city.
Last Friday (Good Friday) I left early the hostel where I was, even before the sun came up. There was thick fog typical of those fall days in the area.

I was more interested in having a good coffee and eating a cheese bread (food typical of the state of Minas Gerais). As I moved on the streets, I began photographing a huge amount of satellite dishes in different houses.

It was then created this series called “Capitolio Parabolic Antennas” …. most likely, this series will not continue … or will it have ??? … who knows …

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