‘Time and Patience’ (José Saramago)

“If anyone asks me what time is, I immediately declare my ignorance: I do not know. I hear the beating of the pendulum clock right now, and the answer seems to be there. And if the mirror shows me that I am not who I was a year ago, it will not tell me what the time is. Just what time does.” (José Saramago)
“I speak of time and of stones, and yet it is in men that I think: for they are the true matter of time, the stone from above and the stone from below, the drop of water which is blood and is also sweat. they are the patient courage, and the long wait, and the effort without limits, the pain accepted and refused-two hundred years, if it must be so.”

by José Saramago in ‘The Luggage of the Traveler’; chronicle ‘Time and Patience’.

photos: from my project called “Rurals” (rural workers).

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