Monochromatic still life

I think photography in the comfort zone of each of us is very little challenging and, more importantly, it contributes to the decrease and possibly almost the total loss of our “creative productivity.”

Seeking extremes in experimentation in photography (but, not so much, I would say) I decided to start a series that I tentatively am calling “Monochromatic Still Life“(*). These photos are all found still life, i.e., they were not constructed.

(*) ‘monochromatic’, strictly from the point of view of photography and not of painting.

They are JPG-only photos and they have been taken from the Lumix LX100II camera) directly, without any treatment, on the ‘dynamic monochrome’s‘ film simulation setting.

Hope you like it. I hope this motivates people to go beyond the routine of each one in artistic photography.

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