The Light of Rembrandt

Needless to say, I, like many, am charmed by the lights of Rembrandt in his adorable and endearing paintings. The colors of his paintings also enchant me.

It is also unnecessary to say that Rembrandt’s lights and colors are endless and inexhaustible sources of inspiration in the color photography of portraits.

I do not do portraits in studios. Therefore, I search incessantly for the portraits I do for Rembrandt’s natural light. In the street portraiture, this search is difficult and finding the conditions of light, even if approximately adequate to a good portrait, is almost insane.

But in the meantime one goes on living and learning in the art of photography with the great masters of painting.

Bathsheba_at _her_Bath_Rembrandt
Bathsheba_at _her_Bath_Rembrandt.
Self-Portrait, 1658
Rembrandt_Harmensz_van_Rijn (self-portrait).
The_Anatomy_Lesson Rembrandt
The_Anatomy_Lesson Rembrandt.


San_Francisco _church_helper_Sao_Joao_ del_Rei_MG_Brasil_Sept2015

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