In praise of becoming a better person

The more I read about this subject, the more I feel convinced that the photographs I make are primarily meant to make me happier and a better person, not a better photographer.

I feel myself becoming, over time and more experienced, not a better photographer, envied by others, who insatiably seeks the approval of others, who frantically seeks an authorial work to write many books, etc., but rather a better person, more attentive to the problems of the world, and to my path in life.

There is no greater pleasure to a photographer than to feel the satisfaction of liking his own photographs, detached from the feeling of waiting for someone to miraculously acknowledge his own work one day.

8 collage arvores mortas em pe
One word about this series: “Standing Dead Trees”.
I’ve always watched them. They died for various causes. Many by natural death. But, many others, had the cause of their deaths due to the action of man. Then I see them, I feel them, as if they, by standing and for so long, were still protesting against those who caused their deaths. These photos are, therefore, my protest against deforestation, in all its forms.

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