Imitating (and emulating) great masters of photography: another example

This example in the attempt to emulate great masters of photography comes from a great photograph of Walker Evans made in 1936 of a negro barber shop in the interior of Atlanta-USA. Continue reading “Imitating (and emulating) great masters of photography: another example”

Nostalgic and bucolic colors of the old and good color films.

COVID-19 times have been tough but have provided me with an opportunity, with time and patience, to scan old negatives and color slides that I used so much in my film photography. And, I rediscovered the beauty of the nostalgic and bucolic colors that these films (I used regular 100-200 ASA films from Kodak and Fuji) reproduced. Continue reading “Nostalgic and bucolic colors of the old and good color films.”

A glimpse into ‘Life in the Brazilian Amazon’

This small series of photos (without the intention of telling a specific story) shows a little of the simplicity of people, a little of how they live and a little of the beauty of their aquatic ecosystems. Continue reading “A glimpse into ‘Life in the Brazilian Amazon’”