Life near the sea

I feel that the days that I live near the sea transmit to me emotions that transcend to the common place, of my days in the routine of home and work.

Photographer’s Day

Congratulations to all of you, photographers, men and women, professionals or, amateurs, on Photographer’s Day …


“Architecture is the art of building, it’s a commitment to the volumes, the colors, the spaces. So I think the architecture is the most complete of the arts.” Ruy Ohtake, a great architect from São Paulo, Brazil (Canal Arte 1, from the Brazilian Architects series). “The basis of architecture is invention.” Oscar Niemeyer, one of…

Diary of a trip

The slightly yellow and warm waters of the Paraná River (27° 16 ’09 “S, 58° 14′ 38” W), just south of beloved South America, bathe a region that is home to incredibly beautiful and important aquatic ecosystems (riverine and wetlands) for the ecology of many species of terrestrial and aquatic animals and plants of the…

Hand gestures

Much has already been written and photographed on hand gestures. In this post I show some photos that I have done in this theme. In some cases the photography gains dynamism, which makes it more attractive and gives it a touch of mystery too.

Macrophotography can be fun

To fight against boredom in photography, macro photography can be fun. These photos were made with my Nikon D500 + micro Nikkor 40mm f/2.8.

The quest for the cure of inertia in photography

This is about “how was my day on 18Jan2018”. *** Fuels were much cheaper and this man was preparing to cross Av São Carlos exactly at 09:59 … I had a cup of a nice coffee at Dona Julia’s coffee… *** I loaded my car with gas exactly at 10:16 … *** In my home…