{photograph how it feels not how it looks}

There are several ‘maxims’ of the great photographer Ansel Adams.
Alluding to my photograph of a landscape from Serra do Fumal (southeast part of Serra da Canastra, MG-Brazil) – taken last week – I wanted to rescue one of these ‘maxims’.

In short: “photograph how it feels (not how it looks)”. Because in photography, let’s not forget, “it’s more about the emotion it evokes in the viewer than about its appearance”.

If not, here’s what Adams says in this context: “My Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico has the emotion and feeling that the experience of seeing a real moonrise created in me, but it’s not realistic at all. Simply clicking the camera and making a simple print of the negative would have created an entirely different – and ordinary – photograph. People ask me why the sky is so dark, thinking exactly in terms of the literal. But the dark sky is what it looked like.”

I’ve been told…that’s all for now…
Hope you like it….

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