Can we mimic/emulate/imitate/copy (or just try to) great masters in photography? I guess so…

I’m (almost) absolutely sure you won’t believe it: I never seek to mimic/emulate (or using a uglier word in this case: imitate, copy) photographs of great masters (of all of us photographers, I believe), but this ghost (if it’s really a ghost he’s a good one) chases me….even though, premeditatedly (this is another thing I don’t think you’ll believe), I never go out to my photo shoots with that idea in my head. But, they keep happening through the years. Here I show SEVEN examples.

Well, it has to be said that these similarities are my eyes that see them. Your eyes can see something else and I respect that. Our friendship will not be broken for this reason….But I hope you like the post and the photos…

Me 2018 and Miss Vivian Maier 1960
Miss Dorothea Lang 1938 and Me 2020
Mr Ansel Adms 1941 and Me 2021
Mr Paul Strand 1944 and Me 2019
Mr Robert Frank 1955 and Me 2017
Mr Walker Evans 1936 and Me 2019
Mr William Eggleston 1969 and Me 2018

2 thoughts on “Can we mimic/emulate/imitate/copy (or just try to) great masters in photography? I guess so…

  1. It’s probably good practice to occasionally “copy” the greats, and equally good to recognize when we do it! I know I have a slide of an ice covered VW hubcap, now I need to see if it’s a closer match to your’s or Ms. Maier’s. Due to the ice there probably isn’t a reflection of the photographer, so I may be safe.

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