textures for pleasure and grace in photography

I am crazy about textures on the walls of the houses I see on the street – usually from older and often very degraded houses.

But, these times of covid-19 have been the opportunity to be able to walk safely through several small urban forests in my neighborhood in the city where I live. And, I find textures on the tree trunks, on their barks that are full of rich textures.

Below I show some photos I took in a session yesterday.
Hope you like it!

Please note: the tree is a Libidibia ferrea, formerly Caesalpinia ferrea, and commonly known as ‘pau ferro’Brazilian ironwood, ‘morado’, or leopard tree, is a tree found in Brazil and Bolivia.


  1. Jane Lurie · June 21

    These are such interesting colors and patterns you’ve captured, Antonio. Must be beautiful trees. I love shooting tree bark, too. Endless combinations.

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    • Antonio Mozeto · June 23

      …..endless combinations…. you are right…it ‘s a beaultiful tree…it’s a ‘pau-ferro’…Libidibia ferrea, formerly Caesalpinia ferrea, and commonly known as pau ferro, Brazilian ironwood, morado, or leopard tree, is a tree found in Brazil and Bolivia.

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      • Jane Lurie · June 23

        Gorgeous! One of the types I love in California for its bark is the Manzanita.

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