What touches me most in the photos of a young man of just 17 years old named Stanley Kubrick.

I write this post not based on deep knowledge about Kubrick’s work because I am far from having it, but much more guided by my admiration for the work of this great artist and the emotion that his photos make me feel.

First of all and perhaps the main characteristic of Kubrick photographer: the dramatic light in high contrast, authentic characteristic of ‘film noir’ that I find simply adorable.

But, in many photographs there are fantastic leading lines and vanishing points, the striking and beautiful compositions even in the presence of multiple subjects. Some of them, with brilliant triangular compositions and with great depth.

1 Kubrick

In the photographs of various subjects, the strength and beauty of people’s bodily gestures is remarkable, sometimes collective hand gestures, for example, which makes me think that Kubrick – in addition to being a great film-maker who years later would become – he was, in addition to being a great photographer, a great conductor, who as such, was able to create such an accurate and instant empathy with the people portrayed that they offered him such natural, expressive and poetic gestures.

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  1. Ted Jennings - TPJ Photography · March 30, 2020

    Thank you. I have never seen these and especially appreciated since I have photographed in some of these exact locations… just the 1960’s. 🙂

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