Feelings about film photography: “use the treasures you have kept”

After almost 40 years I am back to ‘analogue’. I return to analog photography, film photography that is associated with my digital photography. This phrase “use the treasures you have kept” is from a great friend of mine –  Ricardo ‘Lilika‘ Lima – and it expresses a deep feeling about the film photography that he feels and that I have felt again in the last few days.

As I write this post I still don’t know the result of the only 36 poses roll that I ‘burned’ during the 4 days of Carnival as the film is being developed.

I just wanted to register and say how great this challenge was. It was a real revolution in my head. The feeling of freedom and calm during the street shooting sessions with the Pentax K1000 in my hand was an incredible thing.

Pentax K1000

I felt like film photography is something that makes you think, to plan photography in a complete way. Think calmly and accurately in the framing, composition, light, etc … etc … Have time to think and rethink all these things while the photograph is made.

I feel that I can say that film photography is, perhaps and for many, the authentic, the true photography when compared to digital, this ‘madness’ of photographing endlessly and almost insanely dozens, hundreds of poses in a very short space of time.


3 thoughts on “Feelings about film photography: “use the treasures you have kept”

  1. I appreciate what you write Antonio…I’m not a photographer…in how I would define that…I’m an imagemaker and visual researcher by training…I like to think about making thoughtful works…that has meaning for me, and perhaps others…I’m curious about the stories and the photographs…and why we take and make pictures…regardless of our “tools”…we need more art…just a Hedy head thought…have a creative day 🤓☺️ smiles Hedy


    1. It is a pleasure to read your message, Hedy … the world needs more art, for sure … sometimes I consider any of my photographs a contribution to art … my photos in the first place have to satisfy myself, make me happy, raise more questions than answer questions … thank you very much for almost always commenting on my work in photography … they make me very proud … have a beautiful day … antonio

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