Always shoot even knowing that many have photographed it before. Jujuy Palette. Part I.

I recently read on a blog that even though many of you have already photographed that before, you should photograph it. For one simple reason: your photos are YOUR vision of life, of people, of that place, of the world.

For example, the photos I now share are from the northwest region of Argentina – a beautiful region with breathtaking landscapes – that is visited by many people every year: tourists and many photographers. Countless photos have been taken in this region and many more will be taken in the future and this fact did not discourage me from doing mine.

But even so, I made many photographic records that show my excitement of being present in these places and being able to talk to the people who were born and / or live there. This to me is priceless.

This series was called “Palette Jujuy” where I try to express the strength and emotion of the multicolored hills that are in the region of Pumamarca, Argentina. It could not be different.


  1. Robert · January 12, 2020

    It is great to take that picture again because you may have captured a change in time.


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