Morning of Carnival (on a Saturday)

Feeling good on a carnival morning … a Saturday mardi gras morning.
The rain that has fallen almost all week without stopping, without mercy, seems to give us a break.
In my daily walks in the mornings, today I saw this beautiful flower of a ‘flamboyant mirim’ (Caesalpinia pulcherrima Swartz).

Pulcherrima is a Latin term meaning “beautiful”. Caesalpinia is an homage to the botanist Andrea Cesalpino, an Italian philosopher, physician, naturalist and botanist. Originally from the Antilles, in Brazil, it is widely cultivated in parks and gardens as an ornamental plant (Wikipedia).


Carnival morning (on a Saturday)

This song ‘Morning of Carnival’ (song and lyrics by the Bazilian composers, Luiz Bonfá and Antonio Maria) is one of the most beautiful songs of Brazilian popular music of all time. It’s from the movie whose title is ‘Black Orpheus’.
If you’ve read my post so far, listen to this beautiful song !!!
I wish you a happy carnival !!!

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