[“art is an environment, a space, a land of freedom]

[….”art is an environment, a space, a land of freedom… a place where people can be everything… where we can move to what we are not, to the place of the other… we can be a spirit, a butterfly, a tree, an animal… this possibility of living the life of the other… because life is not enough… we have to read stories, read books”…] (itamar vieira jr – author of the book ‘TORTO ARADO’ (‘crooked plow’)

and making phtotographs, I would say…because life is not enough without photography…

3 thoughts on “[“art is an environment, a space, a land of freedom]

  1. I was here looking at the photo. I stopped and then opened it again. Stopped and opened it a third time. The composition is so fascinating. Then, started to think about how you went about putting this together, the ideas and the techniques.

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    1. This image has 2 photographs combined in a photomontage: on the left carnival masks in a shop window and on the right a gypsy dancer performing beautifully in a square in a small town in the interior of Brazil. Thank you for your comment.


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