[my transcendentalist ‘self’]

[my transcendentalist individuality is a mere fragment of the universal “self”…my personality is a fragment of the personality of Gods and Goddesses and the Universe]
[…I am at the same time the wings of a seagull that flies at the mercy of the strong wind that blows over a beautiful beach on a sunny afternoon when the storm approaches]
[…and I am the leaves of grass that spread in a green pasture on a day of clear sky and inclement sun after a night of torrential and warm summer rains]
[…and I am also the boys and girls who walk happily every morning on their smooth paths to school carrying their bags with their notebooks and their book and pencil and eraser, eager to learn more and more]
[…and I am the weary men stumbling back home after a hard day’s work to eat dinner, kiss their wife and sons and daughters and be glad to be alive and healthy and strong]
[no intention to deny what I was yesterday, what I am today, what I will be tomorrow]
[…who is to contest?]

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