Pandemic treatment: phototherapy

Phototherapy – I am not talking about any health treatment against any desease here. Those treatments that consist of the use of special lights widely used in newborns who are born with jaundice (yellowish tone on the skin), but which can also be useful to combat wrinkles and spots on the skin, in addition to diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo eczema, for example. example. They use some type of special light, such as the LED that stimulates or inhibits cellular activity.

I speak here of a treatment for the soul through light. Of sunlight, yes, the same that warms my skin, but that enters through the lenses of my cameras and sensitizes the silver salts when I shoot with films or the sensors of the cameras when I shoot digitally.

This type of phototherapy has been fundamental so that I can take it without too much tension, without too much anguish in these dark pandemic times. What helps me to gain strength and to persist are these practically daily “phototherapy sessions” that I do.

These photos made yesterday in the interior of the State of São Paulo, southeastern Brazil are part of a project that I have been developing in the pandemic predominantly in rural areas and in small cities and is called “new topographics / topologies / typologies of the interior of the state of São Paulo

In these photo sessions I take strict precautions against the contamination of the covid: although unnecessary, I always wear a mask, but: I DO NOT SEE ANYONE … I DO NOT SPEAK OR INTERACT WITH ANYONE… These sessions are very lonely and sometimes I find myself talking to myself

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