[vernacular landscapes]: [new topographics from the interior of the state of são paulo-brazil]

According to the writer and curator LUISA DUARTE (Rio Branco, Miguel – Crossword puzzles, dreamed, stolen, used, bled. São Paulo. IMS. 2020) and, according to the benjaminian conception (Walter Benjamin – essayist, literary critic, German Jewish translator, philosopher and sociologist; 1892-1940) on the temporality of works of art “a work of art does not have to be understood in time, but time in the work” because they contain an intensive and not extensive temporality.

I like that vision, that approach. In the case of my series of photographs [vernacular landscapes] – [new topographics from the interior of the state of São Paulo] my focus is actually time, that is, I would like to show the changes in these landscapes that the passage of time – and the Man’s actions – entailed.

The time here for me is a subsurface layer, dermal, even hypodermic, of all those layers that a photograph has in my vision.

Perhaps it is a feeling for the past that makes these landscapes attractive to me. As the artists of a movement called “New Topographics” say, this vision “has expanded the limits of landscape photography” which is no longer just and just the record – I would dare say – “of what one sees’ ‘physically’ with the eyes “.

I see photography as if photographs are beaultiful poems about time that photographers try to write all the time.


  1. PedroL · January 31

    Interesting collection of photos Antonio 🙂 all the best, PedroL

    Liked by 1 person

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