Deceiving and overcoming fear: staying at home in COVID-19 times.

We should not be afraid to create experiments in life and in photography.

Photography with the camera in motion while the objects (or objects) are stationary is a fun and therapeutic thing, as photographer Julie Mciver says in a very interesting publication ( -mciver /): “In freeing the mind and taking you away from the present, this method of photography, for me, is a very therapeutic process as it allows for the imagination to run wild”. In my opinion, the images that Julie creates are incredibly impressionist and highly abstract. See also her instagram account where she shows the strength of her beautiful and sui generis work.

I couldn’t resist the temptation and I did my first essay with this technique that until then was totally unknown to me (I knew the panning in the photograph in which the objects or objects are in full motion, contrary to Julie’s technique – which she correctly calls ” intentional camera movement “or ICM – where they are immobile.

The results really end up being a therapy, a creative distraction.
This is what life needs: to be creative while having fun.

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