Rural work is marked by annual events that are the harvests. There are daily activities, but harvests are the culmination of rural work.

I remember and miss the time of my childhood and adolescence when rice, corn, cotton, peanuts, and coffee were harvested on my parents’ small farm where I always participated. I miss this time when we gathered the family for these tasks. Other workers hired by my father came to the aid and it was really a festive event to see all these people working together.

Many things have changed since then. Today dominate large companies, many large estates, where many of these crops are mechanized. But there is still much family activity in the interior of Brazil that closely resembles those of my parents’ time.

And, these are the crops that I seek to rescue through my photographs in this project called “RURALS”. My hope is that with these photographic records I will make a contribution, however small, to make rural workers, men and women, better known, valued and respected.

“Against the visibility of the huge volumes of commodity production in this country (Brazil), there is the concealment and even the denial of those who toil in these lands” In: Silva, MA de Verçoza, LV “ Lives carved inside out of history. ”Publisher Annablume. 2019.

Published by Antonio Mozeto

I'm an amateur photographer based in the city of São Carlos, São Paulo state, SE Brazil. I used to make photographs since I was about 15-17 years old. My first camera was a Olympus Trip, an analogue camera. Many years after that I switched to several digital cameras. Presently I own a Nikon D500 with a small set of lenses and a Fujifilm X100T 23mm. A few years after my retirement as an university professor, after teaching Environmental Chemistry at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) for 45 years, I decided to invest money and time dedicating myself more seriously to photography. I´ve taken on-line courses as well as I´ve participated to various photography festival across Brazil. By far, my biggest interest is street photography. And in it, I'm interested in portraits, everyday street scenes and architecture.

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