Vibrant colors & neo-expressionist shapes of Mimmo Paladino’s paintings

After I found the paintings of Domenico (Mimmo) Palatino I confess that I began to rethink my color photography.

Paladino’s paintings have extremely expressive, vibrant and contrasting colors. I really like the color combinations, often markedly juxtaposed, that provoke me. His compositions are also very striking.

A group of inspiring paintings by Paladino:

When I go wandering in my walks through the cities, it is impossible not to remember Paladino’s paintings. Since then such paintings have been my source of inspiration for the colors and shapes I desire in my photos.

Living and photographing. Photographing and learning with great masters. Mimmo Paladino is a painter, printmaker and Italian sculptor who was born in 1948 (71 years old) and is one of the great exponents of ‘Transvanguardia’, an Italian neo-expressionist group from the late 1970s.

A group of my photos inspired in the colors and shapes of Paladino’s paintings:

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