Why street photography is worth it

Let me express some strong feelings that I have for street photography and, especially, for street color portraits.

The streets … always the streets … the streets always surprise a street photographer positively … they are the motivation and source of inspiration for a street photographer … they never abandon you … they always have something to offer you … just be there … always be there … regardless of your mood … regardless if it’s raining or the sun is shining … just be there with any camera … only invoke your instinct as a street photographer … as a hunter … or, if you prefer, as an observer … but, be happy !!!

Andarilho Liberdade Fev2019Man from TOGO Manhatan NYC 11_19May17 (1 de 1)Donas Vita e Benedita Carmo Rio Claro (2) 31jan19-1João Barbudo SJ de Rey 07Mar2018-1LiberdadeMusa de Bloco Sampa 18Fev17

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