Diary of a trip

The slightly yellow and warm waters of the Paraná River (27° 16 ’09 “S, 58° 14′ 38” W), just south of beloved South America, bathe a region that is home to incredibly beautiful and important aquatic ecosystems (riverine and wetlands) for the ecology of many species of terrestrial and aquatic animals and plants of the world.

This region is also home to a friendly people who know how to live in an amazingly contagious tranquility.

Crossing this river (5 km wide) between Itati-Corrientes, Argentina and Itá Corá and then following by car a bucolic dirt road to Mayor Martinéz, Paraguai, is an almost a journey in time.

The landscapes that pass through your eyes, in the river, in the floodplains, in the marshes, seeing the terrestrial vegetation of a green that captivates, are unforgettable.

The companions in the small old boat speak politely and gently, telling daily, routine stories to each other. All this in a rhythm that looks like the slightly yellow and warm waters of the Paraná River that continue rolling down the river to the Rio de la Plata mouth to the South Atlantic Ocean.

God bless this place and these people.

I believe I understood now a little bit more of this mystery of life: how to live happily and simply.

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