Knowing the secrets, the mysteries of the river in order to move forward in life; to be able to navigate; to be able to love. To cross a river is to know the river; it is the revelation of life.
Knowing the secrets and beauty of the fluidity, strength, freshness and transparency of its waters… The crossing of a river is the unveiling of the secrets and mysteries of the solidity of its shaped pebbles, sculpted by water and time, lying and almost geometrically accommodated, there almost transparent in the depths of the river.
It’s revealing the secrets and mysteries of life… it’s the courage to antagonize fears; create paths to navigate. It is not content with knowing the river only from one of its banks. It is rejoicing in the pleasures of crossing and on the other side of the river; from the other side of the river. It is opening doors in the pursuit of ideals and dreams. The unveiling of new paths on the other side of the river to be able to walk; to follow; to love.
The river is also path and time, at the same time; path of past, present and future times …long path; sometimes serpentine; sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent, towards the sea…

‘the river is like time… there was never a beginning’… ‘the river is a snake that has its mouth in the rain and its tail in the sea’ (mia couto. a river called time, a house called land. cia das letras. 2022)


My tribute to FERNANDO LEMOS (1926-2019), a great multidisciplinary artist (Luso-Brazilian) who in one of his photos of shadows of a tree on the ground, subverting the order, called it LIGHTS ON THE GROUND directing attention, not to the tree, but to the light and shapes that the spectator could recognize.

Lemos’ friend Fernando Azevedo says – inspired by Lemos’ works -: “the truth is made of two truths: one ordered, the other that it refuses. However, the imaginary is not lodged between the two, but in the risk of the simultaneous trapeze that is made with both”.

my photo (below): LIGHTS ON THE FLOOR AND ON THE WALL (2019).