Love Inscriptions

Oh the love! With so many ways to be expressed.
In Brazil – and I believe in other countries too – there is, as a tradition, to record it through inscriptions or engravings made (with some sharp object) on tree trunks. They usually record names or initials of the couple, which is usually also surrounded by a heart, and sometimes the date of registration.
The inscriptions or recordings of the photos I share were made on the stems of beautiful bamboo bushes in the Água Branca Park, in São Paulo, SP-Brazil.
I think and always found this type of record very beautiful and unique.

There is even a beautiful poem by the Brazilian poet Fagundes Varella (1841-1875) called “The Letters” that says:
“In the faint bark of green bush
I recorded your name, then left;
Gone are the years, are gone the months,
Gone are the days, I find myself here.
But then! the bush became so tall,
Your name rising, which I did not see!
And in those letters that went up to heaven,
My beautiful dreams of love I lost.”

And, as Vinicius de Moraes’s ‘Sonnet of fidelity‘ says:
“And so when you come to me later
Maybe death, anguish of those who live
Maybe loneliness, end of those who love

I can tell you of love (which I had):
That is not immortal, since it is flame
But let it be infinite while it lasts.”


Inscricoes Amor Bambu (5) PAB Sampa 22_25Ago19 (1 of 1)


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